Sustainable Design

Sustainability has been a core value at YGH. We understand that the built and natural environments are intertwined pieces of the same ecosystem. Our responsibility as stewards affects every choice we make from how we design to how we run our office.

YGH is a recognized sustainable design leader with a long history of developing energy efficient facilities. The firm’s sustainability expertise is grounded in over 35 years of experience on green building projects as well as direct project-focused research. In early 2009, YGH officially signed onto the American Institute of Architect’s (AIA) 2030 commitment to renew environmental issues, especially climate change, as a priority.

The firm has participated in a national AIA research program to benchmark energy efficiency strategies for various building types and worked with the University of Oregon to move their sustainability lab to Portland, where the firm routinely tests daylighting strategies. The firm also has a history of post-occupancy evaluations of past projects and recently presented a four-year evaluation of energy use by the OSU Kelley Engineering Center completed with campus engineers and facility personnel.

YGH completed the:

  • 1st LEED Gold certified building for the State of Oregon
  • 1st LEED Gold certified building for the Oregon University System
  • 1st LEED Gold certified academic engineering building in the nation
  • 1st LEED Gold certified academic building for CSU System
  • 1st LEED Gold certified project for the U.S. GSA Region 9
  • 1st LEED Platinum certified higher ed project for the State of WA
  • 1st EA Gold certified commercial projects in the nation

84% of our professional staff are LEED Accredited Professionals.

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