Sustainable Design

Sustainability has always been a core value at YGH. We understand that the built and natural environments are intertwined pieces of the same ecosystem. Our responsibility as stewards affects every choice we make from how we design to how we run our office.

YGH is a recognized sustainable design leader with a long history of developing energy efficient facilities. The firm’s sustainability expertise is grounded in over 35 years of experience on green building projects as well as direct project-focused research. In early 2009, YGH officially signed onto the American Institute of Architect’s (AIA) 2030 commitment to renew environmental issues, especially climate change, as a priority.


  • YGH is PVC-free & a member of the Portland Materials Transparency Collaborative (pdf)
  • YGH is a member of the Portland Materials Transparency Collaborative (link)
  • 2030 Commitment – we are continuously striving to meet 2030 targets and have reduced our projects’ predicted EUI by 50.7% and Lighting Power Density by 33.7% (pdf)
  • JUST Label (link)
  • PSU Research Based Design Initiative (link)
  • YGH Sustainability Action Plan (pdf)
  • YGH Office Sustainability Infographic (pdf)
  • YGH Office Sustainable Elements (pdf)