Joachim Grube, FAIA (of counsel)

Joachim Grube, FAIA has been a YGH principal since 1965. His career focus on international projects began in 1961 as an architect for UNESCO’s Regional School Planning Center for Africa in Khartoum, Sudan. He has directed many YGH projects overseas for business, government, education, research, technology, healthcare, industrial, hospitality and housing clients. Joachim has developed the firm’s approach to design and construction technologies that respond to culture, climate, limited resources and the logistical restrictions of remote locales and has developed ongoing successful collaborations between YGH project teams and overseas professionals. He manages multi-disciplinary project teams and acts as primary liaison with the client, contractor, regulatory agencies, advisory bodies and foreign governments. His clients have included USAID, World Bank, foreign governments, CID (Consortium for International Development), Chevron Overseas Petroleum International and Exxon Corporation. Joachim received an Engineering Diploma (Architecture) from the School of Architecture in Hamburg, Germany and is a registered architect in Oregon.